Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Reservation Confirmation and Policy of Payments

Cancellation& Payment Provisions Please read carefully.
Cancellation policy is effective to your original booking date and not to your new arrival date.

  1. An initial 50% deposit of the total cost for the entire group that you book must be paid when you make your initial reservation of space at our resort
  2. Reservations will not be made without that initial deposit
  3. All remaining unpaid balances must be paid in full upon arrival
    You will be personally liable for any unpaid balances for reservations pertaining to the entire group for whom you are making reservations.
  4. There will be no refund or credit for No show or on last minute change of mine.
  5. Cancelation made one week before arrival is free of charge.
  6. and Early departure, Self – Cancelled or missed Island Trip(s). Early arrival will be charged the daily lodging rate.
  7. check in time 1:00 pm checkout time 11:00 am, If you’re catching a late flight, Please let the office staff know ,late check-out and early check-in to be determined and it is based on the room availability and there is an extra charge fee per hour.
  8. We are always aware of safety, howe ver, outdoor activities in Zambales are not risk free. At times trips in the ocean, Island hopping, fishing trip will be cancelled due to weather conditions. We make every effort to ensure our clients safety.
  9. For tourist from overseas, All guests must arrive by rental car. Please book your own car rentals, car rentals required for your trips and additional charge, You will use your rental car for driving to the resort to visit other restaurants or purchase personal needs.
  10. Extended policy during medical condition
    We will have based on medical report and medical condition at time of trip give a credit into 2024/2025 for the full amount of deposit that has been paid.


Please read carefully : DO NOT bring your pet without permission and without a vaccination card, Pet owner are fully responsible for any emergency and liable for all expenses if other guests are threat and hurt by your pet. Pet required a specific accommodation, Our room is not a pet free, otherwise 500 pesos fee per pet will be charge. Unregistered pets are strictly not allowed, the pet must be removed from the property. In the event that any pet is considered dangerous by the Resort Management, it shall immediately be removed from the property by the guest.

1.The room key is kept by the guest, Any damage and loss will be subject to a fine of P900.00 for new doorknob and key master service fee.
2.Clogged the lavatory drain because of vomit will be subject to a fine of P750.00 for plumber service fee and extra cleaning fee.
(vomit,urine and blood stain on linens,P600.00 per piece,charge for extra cleaning fee)
3.Karaoke time from 8:00 am until 10:00pm (LGU Protocol)Local Government protocol
4.Beach hour from 6:00 am until 6:00 pm (LGU Protocol)Local Government protocol
5.Swimming pool from 6:00 am until 10:00 pm (LGU Protocol)Local Government protocol
6.No visitors are allowed at resort premises after 9:00pm.
7.Please do not bring towels at the swimming pool,Beach and Island hopping.Lost of towels P250.00 penalty.
8.1 sets of toiletries and 1 towel for each registered person only. Available only for Big V Bldg.Rooms and Studio Bldg. Rooms.
( Kubo acccommodation,toiletries and towels are not included)
9.Please do not take away the guest room items as souvenirs. Otherwise,The charge will be added onto your resort bill.
10.No extra electric appliance and furniture is to be installed inside the room without the permission of the Management.
11.All electric appliances should be switched off and windows should be closed when guests go out.
12.No smoking is allowed inside the rooms 500 pesos penalty will be apply.
13.Guest are held responsible for any damage done to the furniture / decorations or other facilities inside the room.
14.No changing of rooms or transfer of rooms without permission from the management.
15.No hanging of clothes or other articles outside the window is allowed.
16.keep silence near the other guests’ rooms.
17.No gambling of any kind or unlawful behavior is permitted.
18.No prohibited articles,flammable articles or commercial goods are allowed to be stored inside the room.
19.No heavy trunks or anything as deemed inappropriate by the management should be stored in the room.
20.If any abandoned luggage or lost and found items are not claimed by
the guest after the maximum storage period of 90 calendar days,the Management has the right to dispose of these items.
21.Guest must take good care of their own belongings. The management will not be held responsible for any loss or damage incurred.
23.Keep the Resort Premises clean, No article billed on the wall is allowed.
(resort facilities lavatory sink are for hand wash only,Do not use for cleaning fish and washing babies or toddlers)
24.Our staff may check the room from time to time.
25.In Case of violation of the above regulations or any misconduct as deemed to cause
others inconvenience or discomfort,the Management reserves the right to ask the guest to leave.
26.The Management reserves the right to alter or to amend the above without any notice.
*For items not covered by the above regulations, the Management will follow the general practice of the resort/hotel.
*”FREE WIFI” is available in common areas and selected rooms, wifi connection availability cannot be guaranteed.

Privacy Policy

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